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barebowhunters's podcast

Barebow Hunters Podcast... Where we look to the ancient paths of our hunting ancestors to guide our future. Where woodsmanship and hard work outweigh advance shooting devices. Where we value those who have gone before us, and welcome those who are yet to come. join us as we exchange valuable insight about the Barebow Hunters lifestyle. 

Dec 15, 2018

Join Nate, Jerry, and Aron as they talk about Backcountry Gear, Blacktail Deer, and Bringing people into Traditional Bowhunting. 


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Grizzly Stik


3 Rivers Archery ... Recurve and Longbow Experts

Sep 1, 2018

Jerry and I sit down and talk with Big Jim from Big Jim's Bow Company. 

We talked Bows, Hunting Stories, And Hanging out in the Traditional Bowhunting ...the Bowhunting ... Community.

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Aug 24, 2018

Nick and I talk about how proper forest management is a win, win for all Public Land Users. Nick Smith from Healthy Forest, Healthy Communities tells us how proper management will:

  1. Deflate the land grabbers cause across the west.
  2. Provide conservation dollars for the west.
  3. Give public land managers back their tools to...

Jul 3, 2018

Join us as we talk Arrow Penetration, The factors that impede it, and the equipment that's designed to improve it. 

Todd Smith talks about how Grizzly Stiks Arrows used the Dr. Ashby's Lethality reports and made a complete shooting system that takes advantage of all of his research. 

Learn the biggest problems that...

Jun 26, 2018

Joel Turner breaks down why we miss and what can be done to change that. Joel breaks down how to create the shooters mind, and the problems that can happen when when we don't have a shooting process.

He breaks down the five problems we all face at one point or another. 

To find out more about Joel and his shooting...