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Barebow Hunters's Podcast

Barebow Hunters Podcast... Where we look to the ancient paths of our hunting ancestors to guide our future. Where woodsmanship and hard work outweigh advance shooting devices. Where we value those who have gone before us, and welcome those who are yet to come. join us as we exchange valuable insight about the Barebow Hunters lifestyle. 

Aug 17, 2019

Jerry and Nate sit down with Ben Potter of Cana Outdoors and talk about their new film release Elk Fever III. Ben's amazing films are featured in several different outlets. Although the Cana films ruled the waterfowl flyways for years, his film the Linguist put him on the map in the elk hunting world, but his recent release Elk Fever III is a part of history! Ben, in the process of filming, also caught elk fever, so we also talk about that.

If you like elk hunting, you owe it to yourself to watch Elk Fever 3

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